Air is always POU every time we breath. So we filter and oxygenate ours with plants.

Plants provide massive increase in POU oxygen levels.

Oxygen levels in Green Healthy Homes are superior to common

homes due to the indoor gardens and non toxic finishes.

Indoor air quality is one of the EPA’s top five envir onmental risks

to public health.


Redundant water supply and storage systems.

Whole home filtration systemcreate Alkaline and Acidic water Supplied at Point Of Use (POU)

filtration stations throughout the home.

Alkaline or mineralized water has highly beneficial health properties based on decades of studies.

Acidic water on the other hand may be used for home and body as well

as a natural Biocide (Organic Pesticide) for the plants.


Builders may choose from a range of redundant power options catered to their environments and needs.


Standards include Solar and/or Wind with Advanced Battery backup.


Upgrades may include such

features as Geothermal, Biofuel Generator Back Up, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, On-Site Gasification, On-site Fueling and/or Charging Stations,

and more.


Essentially a Live-In Greenhouse.

Designed to grow 400sf(+) of

ornamental trees, edible, medicinal, aromatic and herbal plants.

Ingestible plants are grown in

customizable - timer controlled -

drip irrigated - high density vertical growth arrangements.

This Indoor Rainforest setting is aesthetically appealing, creates superior air quality and when maximized for food capacity has monumental effects on personal

and family dietary health.

Super Solutions LTD is a company founded in London UK, from the desire to bring worldwide, the new technologies from Aero Space industry.

Mihailescu Bruno, the founder of the company, along with his good friend Stephen Mugami, had the honor to work and collaborate with great scientists from the United States and around the world.

Also, the direct relationship with a European company that produces special paints and coatings, created a partnership between the companies and Super Solution LTD has EXCLUSIVITY in 16 countries, 4 continents on all the manufacturer products.


In 2015, we created prototypes of eight 100% Green houses in USA and future technologies improve our lives and helps us to be more careful with our planet. With this occasion, we introduced to the market around the world, a number of revolutionary high-quality products that will improve quality of life where they will be used.

Our company has a wide sphere in GREEN Housing, with the latest materials, because, for 15 years, Mr. Bruno Mihailescu worked in interior and exterior design and has the ability to provide unique concepts, in terms of design and implementation of high tech Technologies.

But, returning to the paint THERMO SOLUTION is a product with incredible effects, that is addressed to all those interested in having a clean environment, with thermal efficiency, particularly where they will experience big improvement in reducing electricity and gas bills, where your life will be perfectly safe to fire and other elements.

For Companies, the THERMAL SOLUTION will reflect into direct minimize of the heat loss and your losses would be a plus for the company.

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