SUPER SOLUTIONS LTD is based on the desire to provide customer satisfaction guarantee. We focus on product quality and therefore we meet the highest standards in our industry, both nationally and internationally. We have learned that a satisfied customer make the best advertising and that will be reflected in the joy of our hearts.

And we, as a company, we live with the desire to make things perfect.


Bruno Mihailescu

Stephen Mugami

Roxana Mihailescu

Ovidiu Lupas


Co Founder

Managing Director

Director Regional

Over 15 years of experience in Green Construction and House Projects.

Interior and exterior design, tight relations with international scientist and inventors.

With over 23 projects made in Romania and 8 in USA, founded this company for putting in practice the technologies of the future.


UK-   +44 7957 486 895

RO-   +40 727 667 630

          +40 21 444 0987




SUPER SOLUTIONS LTD Company co-founder, investor, visionary man, who creates international partnerships and implements energy technologies, water purification and health.

He has tight relations at government levels and community member business people worldwide.

Monika Mugami


Ms Monika Mugami is lawyer and negotiator of contracts for SUPER SOLUTIONS LTD, with over 12 years of experience in this branch.


UK: +44 7957 486 895



Managing Director, responsible for export, transport and management of funds and payments. Ms. Roxana Mihailescu has over 15 years of experience in the field of management for international companies.

Liviu Boban

Director Regional

Regional Director for Oltenia, Romania. Mr. Liviu Boban is very skillful in facilitating relationships with multiple state and private companies. Mr. Liviu Boban has over 30 years of experience in Public Relations in Local Television and the state institutions.

Regional Sales Director Transilvania, Banat Romania. Mr. Ovidiu Lupas is a Dipl. Engineer and authorized designer, expert technician, expert energy audit and valuation expert ANEVAR, experienced over 30 years. Mr. Ovidiu Lupas is part of our company with his experience in the field of construction and advanced technologies.

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