SUPER ECO SOLUTIONS LTD will build houses that will become indispensable for living in a clean environment, having the most important elements to exist: WATER, AIR,


Each house will have built in, water purification system of rain water, that turns water into Alkaline Water and Acidic Water, beneficial in all aspects of life for healthy living.

Each house will have the most efficient system of air, purified and filtered out, moisture and air in homes, bringing perfectly clean air, as in the forest and cost up to 65% less than any other air conditioner.

Each house will have, on request, Aqua Ponic Trees. Those trees creates a sterile environment where fruits and vegetables grow in Alkaline Water, having perfect environment and all products are 100% natural.

All homes come with the isolated high-tech innovations in the field of construction and Thermo Solution Paint will be everywhere to create indoor and outdoor thermal barrier and reducing energy costs.

All homes will be equipped with UV and Solar battery kit for the energy stockpile excess.

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